Times Square – The Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Venue

In the midst of Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay is Times Square, an enormous shopping center and an office complex meaning sheer grandness and class of Modern Hong Kong. Because of the advanced and innovative enhancements situated inside these famous twin pinnacles, Times Square is known as one of the ten most mainstream traveler objections in Hong Kong. These 46 and 39 story edifices parade a massive 900,000 square feet of retail space which incorporates the biggest vehicle leave in Causeway Bay. The twin pinnacles ascending high over the city promptly gets a handle on the consideration of the individuals who enter the city, in this manner it tends to be handily found.

The complex is considered as the main vertical shopping center in Hong Kong and separates itself from the normal shopping center structures. A multi film complex with best in class offices possesses the shopping center and the structure gladly pronounces to be the pioneers of fiber optic media transmission frameworks just as double phone trades and keeps on being fully informed regarding new mechanical deluges.

This 16 story complex is classified in to retail, eating, recreational and diversion zones offering clients most extreme comfort. The assorted dishes and treats at the various cafés are one more pleasure now and again Square that should be savored.